Activities & Attractions

Amatava caters for nature lovers, adventurers, corporate clients, families and friends with  a  variety of activities  to choose from.

Wildlife viewing

Game drives, mountain bike trails and guided walks offer guests unforgettable moments. Experience an exceptionally close encounter with the majestic rhino or Sables. Game drives will beLOT-92-2-X-WIT-OOIE
arranged under supervision of management

Amatava Game Breeders are well known for the top genetic animals over many years. They form part of the Genome Game Breeders Group and guests can on arrangement enjoy an excursion to breeding camps of scares game such as Roan, Black Impala, and Saddleback impala. Copper/black and white Springbuck, Sable, Buffalo, Nyala and Blesbuck.

Quad Trails

activities-wildlife-02Quad riders can be challenging due to the mixed terrain Amatava offers. Quad trails outside the farm includes gravel roads as far as 60km with stops where riders can experience country side
and the  rural culture. Riders will be accompanied by a back-up vehicle, cooler box and braai (barbeque) necessities, which ultimately make these trips an unforgettable experience for both riders and spectators.

Hiking trails and mountain biking

With breath taking scenery and surrounded by mountains, hikerscan  indulge themselves with silence of nature. Different levels of difficulty are catered for and young to old can find joy in these trails. No surprise that hiking became one of the most popular activities. Picnicbaskets  can be arranged for larger groups.activities-wildlife-03

Mountain bike tracks run from the comfortable dirt road through to challenging single tracks- for the more daring rider.  Water points and back up vehicles can be arranged on request for groups larger than 15 bikers.

Kruger National Park, only 2½ hours’ drive from Amatava near Mokopane

Amatava & Mokopane boasts a large variety of exciting activities to do, all within close proximity, including The world famous and largest game reserve in South Africa, the Kruger National Park (Hosting the Big 5), just over 200km’s from Mokopane, making it ideal for an overland stop on your way to the reserve.

Makapan caves the National Heritage site

Sterkfontein-Caves-Inside-the-caves-with-guide-MaropengOne of the most notable archaeological and historical sites in the country is found at Makapan’s Valley, 15 km north of the town. The sediments, fossils, bones and artifacts found in the caves in the valley preserve a unique record of hominid habitation and evolution dating back 3,3 million years. The valley which has stood at the frontier of paleontological and archaeological research for much of the twentieth century has been declared a National Heritage Site. Visits to the fascinating Makapans Valley must be arranged in advance by contacting the Mogalakwena Bushveld Community Tourism Association.

Arend Dieperink Museum in Mokopane

Definitely worth a stop, the Arend Dieperink Museum houses a valuable cultural and historical collection of Sotho and Voortrekker artifacts. Inhabiting an elegant old stone school building, the museum tells the story of the region from early humankind at Makapan’s Cave, the Anglo Boer War and recent times. Vintage farm implements, tractors and wagons are showcased outdoors. Inside are a few of the incredible archaeological finds discovered at Makapan’s Cave including the three-million-year-old human predecessor, Australothipicusafricanus.

Do try the ‘mampoer’, a locally brewed ‘moonshine’ along with freshly baked bread – available on request.

Euphoria_17th_p3_aPotgietersrus Golf Club, Mokopane

Bring your gold clubs to Potgietersrus golf club, where visitors will be rewarded by views of scenic plains and an abundance of wild game that roam freely on the golf course, including Nyala, Impala, Kudu and more. This 19thhole coarse made name amongst world class players as one of the most enjoyable courses to play


Discover the southern night skies in a truly magnificent setting where the Milky Way’s only rival is the amber glow of the campfire light.

Bird watching

Amatava has over 300 bird species to view. Amongst them you may find the Bronze-winged Courser, Crowned Plover, Paradise Flycatcher and many more.

Other Exciting Attractions & Activities to do nearby Mokopane

Piet Potgieters Grave – 10.0 km

Polokwane – 50.0 km

Meropa Casino – 40.0 km

Anglo Platinum Mine – 25.0 km

Doorndraaidam – 30.0 km

ArendDieperink Museum – 8.0 km

Zoological Gardens – 8.0 km

Makapans Cave – 20.0 km

Moorddrift Monument – 15.0 km